Enroll In Our Budget Plan This Season

ProPay makes managing your propane costs easy!

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With so much uncertainty in the world, especially now with the COVID-19 outbreak, having something stable you can count on is a very good thing.

That’s why having a reliable, local propane provider like ProGas matters. We’re right here in your community; able to make sure you always have the propane you need so your home can stay warm and comfortable. We also support local businesses with propane, temporary construction heating, industrial gases and welding supplies.

And stability is the cornerstone of our ProPay monthly budget plan!

Why choose the ProPay budget plan?

Most ProGas customers in greater Pittsburgh and all across our service area love the ease and convenience that come with using ProPay. Why? Because it’s so easy! Sign up for ProPay (which is FREE) and your propane costs are spread out over even monthly payments for 10 months. No wildly fluctuating payments with higher costs in the winter. No surprises. It’s easier to plan your monthly budget when you know how much your ProGas bill will be ahead of time!

Other ways to control your propane costs

ProPay is just the beginning of how ProGas makes it easier for you to take control of your propane costs:

Our ProTection price protection options give you choices in what price you pay for your propane. When you enroll, you get a fixed price for your propane for the amount of propane you agree to buy.

With ProTect 1, you lock in a fixed price and you pay the full amount upfront.

With ProTect 2, you pay a fixed price monthly.

If you need to buy more propane, you will be charged the market price for the day your propane is delivered.

Contact us to learn more about ProPay and our other payment and pricing options available for you!