Time’s Running Out To Enroll in ProPay!

Enroll by 6/15 to make managing your propane costs… easy!

propane price graphAs we move closer to summer, there are a lot of things we want to do, like go for a ride, or cook out on the grill (don’t forget to call for a full, fresh PROpane Express grill cylinder!), or relax on the hammock with a good book.

One thing we don’t want is to be stuck indoors doing the bills and monthly budgeting. But, ProGas has a way you can streamline your propane costs so you can save time and effort, as well as take more control of your finances. It’s our ProPay Monthly Budget Plan!

ProPay is very popular with our customers because of the ease and convenience. But if you want in, you have to act fast because there’s only a limited time left!

How does ProPay work?

If you look at your ProGas statements from the last year, you’ll notice that your propane usage varies from season to season. Obviously, you’re going to be using more in the winter to keep your greater Pittsburgh home warm.

That increased usage means that your propane bill is going to be much higher than it is during the spring and summer. ProGas ends your propane bill yo-yoing, because your propane costs are spread out over 10 even, monthly payments.

What are the benefits of ProPay?

Paying your propane bill based on your usage each month creates a few challenges.

It makes it harder for you to plan your monthly budget, spending, and savings when you can only take a stab at what your heating oil or propane bill will be. It also means you are hit with higher bills just when you can least afford them: right around the holidays and before tax season.

ProPay takes you off that monthly roller coaster – especially so now with so much uncertainty day-to-day! There will be no more surprises when it comes to your monthly propane costs. You know how much you’ll be paying. That means you can set up your household budget, and spending and savings plans, more easily.

Get protection from high payments and high prices. Lock-in savings today by enrolling in the ProPay Budget Plan! And while you’re here – ask us about our Pre-buy Program too!