Where Is the Closest Portable Cylinder Exchange?

ProGas Makes Having Plenty of Propane…Easy!

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Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner! Are you ready with any cookout or gathering plans? Do you have enough propane in your cylinder for the festivities?

Now is the time to make sure you have the propane you need for those burgers, hot dogs, barbecued chicken, and whatever else you’re making on the grill!

ProGas makes that task simple and easy with our PROpane Express cylinder exchange service! You can find PROpane Express cylinder exchanges at gas stations, convenience stores, home improvement stores, and other retail outlets right nearby. These locations can be found all over our service area of Greater Pittsburgh, Northern West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio. Just enter your ZIP Code to find the locations nearest you!

When you locate your nearest cylinder location, you can bring your empty cylinder for exchange, as well as buy new, full cylinders. The exchange process is completely hassle-free.

When you come to your PROpane Express exchange location, go in and ask the cashier or clerk for a cylinder exchange (please leave your empty cylinder in the car). They’ll ring up the transaction, go out with you to the cylinder cage, and give you a clean, safe, full cylinder while taking your empty one. You’re on your way in just minutes!

We Offer Home Cylinder Delivery, too!

We get that life can be busy—and going out to get a full propane cylinder may not always be doable. That’s why we additionally offer home propane cylinder delivery and exchange!

It’s super easy. All you need to do is fill out the form on our home delivery page and call us to make your payment. We take it from there and schedule the delivery.

The cost for a cylinder exchange delivery is $33.99 plus tax per cylinder. Add in a second full cylinder for a total of $65.99 plus tax.

You don’t even need to be home for a delivery, or when returning an empty cylinder. Just say where they will be located on the property when filling out your request form and we take them away, no matter what brand you currently have. However, please be aware that they do need to be in safe condition and certified.

We offer a $2 discount on each exchanged propane cylinder when you order more than one tank—so why not stock up? You’ll not only have a propane cylinder for your grill, but another one as a backup so you’ll be sure about grilling Labor Day weekend—and beyond!

Contact us to learn more about our PROpane Express cylinder exchange and our cylinder delivery service, today!