Converting To Propane: How It Benefits Your Home

Enjoy more comfort and added efficiency

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Are you building a new home or renovating your current one? If so, setting it up, or converting it to use propane is something you should really look into.

You’ll be amazed at all of the ways propane works for your greater Pittsburgh home! ProGas makes it easy for you to enjoy all that propane can do for your home by providing you with dependable, safe propane delivery and we also can install your propane tank, too!

With our Keep Full automatic delivery program, we carefully track your propane usage and promptly schedule a propane delivery to your home before you run low. Our variety of convenient payment options let you choose how best to manage your propane costs.

Propane works inside and outside your home

You may convert your home to propane for home heating, which is a wonderful reason because propane provides reliable, even, efficient heating. But that’s just the beginning of what propane can do!

When you use propane for water heating, you get hot water faster and more efficiently than with electricity. Propane water heaters also last longer than electric water heaters and have an overall lower cost of ownership.

By using propane for cooking, you get instant, accurate temperature control that gives you better results than with electricity.

Propane clothes dryers make laundry day easier by getting your laundry dry faster than electric dryers. You also end up with fewer wrinkles!

Outdoors, grilling with propane is great. You can always find a fresh propane cylinder at our PROpane Express cylinder exchange, at retail stores all over our service area. Propane can also heat your pool or spa, power deck and patio heaters, and provide cozy gathering spots with propane fire pits and fireplaces.

You can count on propane

By converting your home to propane, you aren’t dependent on having a natural gas utility in your neighborhood. And, because your propane supply is right at your home, you won’t be without heat, hot water and more if something happens with the utility’s gas lines.

Propane can also keep your home safe, warm and comfortable during power outages. A propane whole-house backup generator is a reliable, safe way to keep the power on in your home for lights, refrigerators, electronics and home medical equipment.

Contact us to learn more about adding propane to your home, today.