Temporary Heat

Call ProGas for temporary heating—building renovations and construction sites

temporary heat equipment

When you have a construction deadline, you can’t let the cold weather cause delays. You can keep your job moving forward by partnering with ProGas. We’re ready to deliver temporary heat to any type of construction site to keep the job moving forward.

We carry portable propane tanks—from 100-pound cylinders all the way up to 1,000-gallon storage tanks. We supply hoses and all other related equipment to suit your needs. You can rent space heaters, fans, dehumidifiers and A/C units from us as well.

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Whether you’re building a new home or a large commercial facility, you can depend on ProGas to supply all your temporary heat needs.

Winter Heating Solutions

We have years of experience in taking care of temporary heating needs in the construction sector, and we’re well equipped to overcome challenges, especially during the most severe winters in the tri-state.

Any Size Project

Our temporary heat services, including full hookup and leak check, are designed to make us your single source for your fuel requirements, whether your project is a small single-family residence, a condominium complex, a school, a municipal building or an office park.

Extensive Inventory

We carry an extensive inventory of 100-pound propane containers. All 100-pound containers are filled at our plants and transported to your job site. Each container conforms to NFPA 58 safety codes and OSHA regulations.

Tank delivery in Western Pennsylvania

Our portable tanks feature a protective construction collar and a bottom ring to provide adequate stability while the container is in service or in storage awaiting use. Our delivery trucks feature power tailgates to expedite pickup and delivery of containers.

In addition to our large inventory of 100-pound propane containers, ProGas can provide 1,000-gallon bulk propane storage tanks to nearly any construction site. And our modern fleet of delivery equipment will always be there to keep the fuel supply replenished.

We are prepared to be your single source for the lease of temporary heaters, manifolds, carts and assorted hoses to meet the temporary heat needs of most construction sites.
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