Temporary Heating Solutions for Your Job Sites

ProGas keeps your projects going in Beaver, Alleghany and Butler counties in PA and the Tri-State area

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Winter can be a tough season for construction and renovation projects. Cold weather can damage materials and delay work, which can end up costing contractors, tradespeople and construction businesses time and lots of money.

Many of the top construction companies in Western Pennsylvania, Southeastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia know that when they need temporary heating solutions, ProGas is the company they can count on with our complete temporary heating services. We’ve been serving these businesses for decades and have the knowledge, experience and resources to help your business.

ProGas makes it easy to get temporary heating for your construction or renovation job site because we handle every facet of the process! Our range of services includes sizing and installing fuel tanks and gas supply systems. We are also experts in designing temporary systems for construction sites and can provide a continuous fuel supply throughout a construction job—whether it’s a one-room addition or a multistory building.

Our professional team of design-and-installation experts can help spec units, calculate heat losses, facilitate the permit process, communicate with subcontractors, handle the installation, replenish the fuel supply, and maintain and service the equipment as required. Because we’re locally based, we have the responsiveness and flexibility to adjust to your equipment and fuel needs.

The commercial propane experts at ProGas will work with you to come up with a temporary heating equipment package tailor-made to the needs on your job site.

We have portable tanks ranging in size from 100-pound cylinders to 1,000-gallon bulk propane storage tanks. We deliver the 100-pound cylinders to your job site already filled. Our delivery trucks come with power tailgates that make delivery and exchanges fast and easy. For the larger bulk propane storage tanks, the ProGas mobile fleet can go to your job site to refill them.

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Winter Heating Solutions

We have years of experience in taking care of temporary heating needs in the construction sector, and we’re well equipped to overcome challenges, especially during the most severe winters in the greater Pittsburgh area.

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Any Size Project

Our temporary heat services, including full hookup and leak check, are designed to make us your single source for your fuel requirements, whether your project is a small single-family residence, a condominium complex, a school, a municipal building or an office park.

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Extensive Inventory

We carry an extensive inventory of 100-pound propane containers. All 100-pound containers are filled at our plants and transported to your job site. Each container conforms to NFPA 58 safety codes and OSHA regulations. We also carry both direct-fire and box-style heaters. Whether you’re using propane, vapor propane or natural gas, we have the heater you need for your space.

View the specs of some of our available equipment below:

Propane-Powered Heaters

Fuel Vapor Propane
Input – Max. 150,000 BTU/hr
Input – Min. 50,000 BTU/hr
Manifold Pressure 2 ¼ to 20 PSIG
Hose Length 20 feet is standard
Regulator with POL Adjustable to 20 PSIG
Approval Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada Listed
Weight 32 lbs
Size (L x W x H) 30 in x 11.25 in x 14 in
Air Outlet 8 in diameter
Fuel Consumption .54 to 1.63 GPH
Ignition Manual
Optional Fan N/A
Fuel Vapor Propane
Input – Max. 375,000 BTU/hr
Input – Min. 220,000 BTU/hr
Manifold Pressure 7 to 20 PSIG
Hose Length 20 ft is standard
Regulator w/ POL Adjustable to 20 PSI max
Approval Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada Listed
Weight 65 lbs
Size (L x W x H) 42 in x 17 in x 22 in
Air Outlet 13 in diameter
Fuel Consumption 2.39 to 4.09 GPH
Ignition Manual
Optional Fan 800 CFM fan assembly 120v

Box Style Heaters

Type Dual Fuel
BTU/hr 330,000
Ignition Direct Spark
CFM 2,600
Voltage 115 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase Single Phase
Current 15 amps
Hose & Regulator 15 ft hose & regulator assembly
Thermostat 20 ft cord for remote location
Net Weight 347 lbs
Size (L x W x H) 46 in x 32.5 in x 42 in
Wheel Kit Standard

Direct-Fire Heating Units

Fuel Propane or Natural Gas
BTU/hr 400,000
Inlet Pressure/Propane 11 in W.C.
Inlet Pressure/Natural Gas 3.5 in W.C.
Voltage 115 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase Single Phase
Current 15 amps
Fan Motor Capacity 1/3 hp
Air Circulation 2,000 CFM
Fuel Consumption/Propane 4.35 GPH
Fuel Consumption/Natural Gas 380 CFH
Ignition Direct Spark Control
Thermostat Control Yes
Size (L x W x H) 48 in x 22 in x 24 in
Air Outlet Diameter 15 in
Weight 90 lbs
CFM 2,000

Regulator sizing assumes job site inlet pressure of 5 – 10 PSI. Custom hose assemblies are available upon request.

Fuel Propane or Natural Gas
BTU/hr 1,100,000
Inlet Pressure/Propane 11 in W.C.
Inlet Pressure/Natural Gas 7 in W.C.
Voltage 115 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Phase Single Phase
Current 20 amps
Fan Motor Capacity 1 hp
Air Circulation 7,000 CFM
Fuel Consumption/Propane 10.82 GPH
Fuel Consumption/Natural Gas 952 CFH
Ignition Direct Spark Control
Thermostat Control Yes
Size (L x W x H) 61 in x 29 in x 38 in
Air Outlet Diameter 26 in
Weight 314 lbs
CFM 7,000

Regulator sizing assumes job site inlet pressure of 5 – 10 PSI. Custom hose assemblies are available upon request.

What kind of temporary heating equipment do I need?

One of the advantages of working with ProGas is our in-depth understanding of temporary heating. We’ll make sure you get the right heater for your needs.

Direct-fire heaters. With a direct-fire heater, almost all of the fuel is converted into heat, making it much more efficient than other types of heaters. However, they can only be used in open areas such as construction sites and loading docks and not in enclosed spaces with no access to fresh outdoor air.

Indirect-fire heaters. When you are in an interior area that is not well ventilated, indirect-fired heaters are the only option. The only thing that will come out of the vents is fresh air, while the by-products of combustion are forced outside. They require ducting to either remove the harmful exhaust or bring in fresh air. Indirect-fired heaters will not add moisture to the air in your workspace.

What are the advantages of temporary heating solutions?

Not only does temporary heating make it possible for your employees to do their jobs comfortably and safely, but it also offers benefits for specific projects and materials.

Here are some examples of how temporary heating will help keep your construction or renovation project moving forward to help your project stay on schedule, protecting the bottom line for your business and your subcontractors.

  • Paint and joint compound can dry and cure properly.
  • Concrete and brick are shielded from structural damage caused by ice crystals forming and thawing.
  • Equipment can operate properly.
  • Plaster and stucco are protected from damage and failing that can be caused by freezing and thawing.
  • Ground thaw units allow digging to continue even in frigid weather.
  • Exposed plumbing is protected from freezing and bursting.

ProGas puts safety first!

ProGas is dedicated to the safe use of temporary heating equipment and the propane that powers it.

Our temporary heating equipment meets all professional and regulatory requirements for safety. We carefully inspect all of our propane cylinders before delivering them so you can be assured that they are safe to use. We install propane tanks to meet all NFPA codes and standards for proper placement.

We will also make sure you are aware of best practices when it comes to propane temporary heating safety.

ProGas is Western Pennslyvania’s leader in temporary heating and other services for construction and renovation job sites. Get in touch with us today and we’ll get to work for you!