Can Propane Fuel Common Commercial Vehicles?

Learn More About Progas’s Propane Autogas Services!

propane fleet pennsylvaniaAs the world continuously looks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from commercial and conventional vehicles alike, a solution that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly is actually already here with propane autogas.

Autogas can be used in all kinds of vehicles: Cars, trucks, first responder vehicles, and more! What’s better? ProGas is your local, full-service autogas services provider here in the Greater Western Pennsylvania Region.

First, our autogas experts will thoroughly go over your business opertions and how it will utilize autogas. From there, we’ll create a customized autogas service just for you, which includes:

  • Connecting you with a local company to convert your fleet to run on autogas
  • Installing an autogas dispensing station right at your business location
  • Reliably scheduling and delivering autogas so your fleet is always fueled

Being locally based, we are responsive to your needs and can perfectly tailor our services to meet your needs. We also offer fuel tracking software and tank monitoring solutions for even better tracking of your autogas supply.

Improve Efficiency and Save Money with Autogas

Autogas typically costs less per gallon than diesel or gasoline. What’s more is that diesel vehicles cost four times more per mile to operate than those powered by autogas. When you add in tax credits, incentives, loans, and other perks you may get for converting your cars to autogas, the savings grow substantially.

Additionally, because of its clean burning properties, autogas lowers engine wear and leads to greater savings. Your vehicle’s engines can last significantly longer because of the reduced wear on them. Autogas-powered vehicles can last much longer than vehicles that run on gasoline or diesel, providing you a greater return on your investment, and saving you money by not having to replace—or repair—your vehicles as often.

Autogas also makes your business more efficient by making the tracking of your fuel usage more streamlined. You no longer need to spend lots of time keeping records and receipts from fill-ups at different gas stations. Fuel theft is also virtually eliminated.

Autogas is a Great Solution for the Winter’s Cold

In the winter, Greater Pittsburgh businesses will appreciate using autogas! That’s because cars that run on autogas start quicker and easier in the cold than cars that run on gasoline or diesel.

Diesels are prone to gel when temperatures drop. Amid a deep freeze, they’ll be trapped in the parking lot while autogas vehicles are out on the road making deliveries, transporting children to school, and accomplishing countless other operational tasks.

Every day, businesses are turning to propane autogas as a clean, green, economical alternative to gasoline and diesel for their light- and medium-duty fleets. Enjoy better efficiency in your Pennsylvania, Ohio or West Virginia Tri-State area business with propane autogas services from ProGas! Contact us today—we’ll be happy to help you get started.