How Do I Check The Level Of My Propane Tank?

It’s easy! We’ll show you how.

propane tank reading western pennsylvania eastern ohio west virginiaPropane does a lot in your home, no matter where in our greater Pittsburgh, eastern Ohio, or northern West Virginia service area you reside!

Its versatility is why so many of your neighbors use it for heating, cooking, water heating, fireplaces, clothes drying and more.

To get all of these benefits, you need to make sure you always have enough propane. Running out of propane leaves your home without heat, hot water, and gas for cooking. It also leads to the bills that come with emergency propane delivery as well as required professional pressure tests and re-lighting of the pilots in all of your propane appliances.

How to check your propane tank levels to help prevent expenses and hassle:

Look for a round dial on your propane tank. The dial looks like a car’s speedometer. The numbers in the dial indicate the percentage of how full your propane tank is. If the reading is 50, your tank is 50 percent full. We urge you not to let your tank gauge level fall below 30 percent before contacting us to request a propane delivery.

The problem with checking your propane tank gauge levels yourself isn’t knowing how to read the gauge. It’s that life gets busy and you may forget to check, putting you at risk of a propane run-out.

Avoid that with wireless propane tank monitoring from Tank Utility!

What is wireless propane tank monitoring?

The same technology that lets you text and call from virtually anywhere makes knowing how much propane is in your tank as easy as can be.

Our Tank Utility wireless propane tank monitor tracks your propane usage in real-time. Download the Tank Utility app on your smartphone or tablet, or log onto the Tank Utility website on your computer or laptop, and you can check your propane tank levels any time of the day or night, from anywhere!

The monitor also alerts you and ProGas when your propane tank levels reach a set point so a propane delivery can be scheduled.

The wireless propane tank monitors are durable, waterproof, and rated to handle temperatures to -104˚ Fahrenheit, so you can be assured it’s always on the job!

Contact ProGas to learn more about wireless tank monitoring and our other propane services for your home or business, today.