Can you refill a propane tank before it’s empty?

propane tank
We’re in grilling season here in greater Pittsburgh! We know since you’ve got so many great grilling recipes to try, that you’re sure to be using your propane grill well into fall – unless you run out of propane and bring your cookout to a crashing halt.

Don’t fall into the “I can get one more dinner out of this tank” trap – stay on top of how much propane you have so you know when it’s time to get a refill for your propane tank.

If you don’t have an external propane tank gauge, the easiest way to tell how much propane you have left is pour warm down the side of your propane tank, then immediately run your hand over the area where you poured. Where you feel the cold spot is the fill level of the propane tank.

Exchange vs. Refill 

Refilling a propane cylinder or topping it off makes sense if you’re camping or traveling in an RV and you want to make sure you have enough propane for a few days, or if you have a big cookout coming and you want to top off your nowhere-near-empty tank to get through the day. You can do that at one of our PROpane Express refill locations. Refilling your propane grill tank tends to be less expensive than exchanging.

When it comes to day-to-day home grilling, many find it easier to simply exchange a propane BBQ tank. Our many PROpane Express exchange stations, located at convenience stores, garden centers, home improvement stores and gas stations throughout the ProGas service area in greater Pittsburgh, Ohio and West Virginia, can do that for you. Exchanging your propane tank is fast and simple – just bring in your old tank and we’ll give you a full new one!

Another advantage to exchanging your propane grill tank is that you will always bring home a safe and certified propane tank that is not out-of-date.

Make sure you always have enough propane to grill all your favorite summertime foods. Use our PROpane Express for propane tank exchanges and refills. Find a PROpane Express exchange location near you, today!