Buying Vs. Leasing A Propane Tank For Your Home

ProGas Propane Tank Leasing Makes It An Easy Choice!

propane tank installation ohioIf you are moving to a new home that uses propane, you have some decisions to make.

One of those decisions to be made includes a propane tank. If a propane tank is already at the property, the propane tank may be one the sellers leased from their propane delivery company.

But if you don’t want to use that particular company, you may have a bit of an issue. Propane delivery companies will not deliver to—or fill—another company’s propane tank.

Another problem is if the propane tank is in bad condition, with signs of rust or corrosion, dents, and other problems. Most propane companies will not deliver to tanks in poor condition, as it is a safety concern.

Whatever the reason, if you need a new propane tank, you can choose to buy or lease—and ProGas is here with affordable, worry-free propane tank leasing!

Why Is Leasing A Propane Tank Better Than Owning One?

Owning your own propane tank gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to your propane delivery. If a propane company provides unsatisfactory service or has high propane prices, you can quickly and easily switch to a new propane delivery service.

However, as with many things, with freedom comes responsibility. Owning a propane tank makes YOU solely responsible for it. You are on the hook for maintenance, repairs, fees, safety checks, and any other expense associated with your propane tank.

If you need a new propane tank, you are facing thousands of dollars in upfront costs on top of the aforementioned expenses you will have over the life of your propane tank.

But when you lease your propane tank from ProGas, we handle the maintenance, repairs, and propane delivery. And before we finalize the lease, we’ll make sure you’re getting the right size of propane tank for your home and your propane needs.

Your propane tank will be of top quality and will be installed to the highest standards for safety by our knowledgeable, experienced service technicians. We also offer wireless propane tank monitoring with Tank Utility!

Enjoy affordable, hassle-free propane tank leasing from ProGas. Get in touch with us today to get started!