Buying A Home Fueled By Propane? What To Know

An abundance of energy efficiency and comfort!

propane heat new home pennsylvaniaHave you bought a new home here in greater Pittsburgh? Congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood! And if your new home uses propane, congratulations are in order again!

If you have never lived in a home that uses propane before, you may have questions about propane. That’s all right, we’re here to help, and to show you why you’re lucky to be able to enjoy all that propane brings to your residence.

Energy-efficient heating

If you like lower heating costs, you’ll love propane! With today’s propane furnaces and boilers, you can get up to 95 percent efficiency, a far cry from the ~65-70% range that traditional electric systems provide. This means your home will still be warm and comfortable, all while you are using less energy; something you’re surely to recognize on your monthly bills, especially in the winter season. Also, propane gets your home warmer faster than an electric heating system, too! What’s not to love about that?

Environmentally-friendly energy

Did you know that propane is named as an alternative energy source in both the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy of 1992? That’s because propane is clean-burning, which reduces your home’s greenhouse gas emissions when compared with oil or electric heating systems.

Unmatched versatility

Home heating is just the beginning of what propane can do for your home:
Cooking on a propane range gives you precise, instant temperature control and even cooking you will never get with electricity. 

The energy efficiency propane home heating offers extends to water heating as well. And if you install a propane tankless water heater, you’ll get even more energy savings as well as endless hot water—on-demand.

Propane whole-house backup generators protect your family, home, and property when the power goes out. The lights will stay on, the sump pump will still run, the food in the fridge and freezer cold, and the electronics charged at full power.

Propane space heaters including direct-vent and vent-free models transform your basement, sunroom or workroom into a true living space that can stay warm year-round.
With a little planning, you can transform your outdoor space into your favorite “room” in or out of the house – and enjoy that room earlier and later in the year than you ever have before! Outdoor living propane appliances including fire pits, patio heaters, pool heaters, and gas grills are supplemental pieces you can enjoy for years to come.

Reliable propane delivery with ProGas

You may be wondering about just how, and who, to get propane from so you can enjoy all this. ProGas is Western Pennsylvania’s leader in reliable, safe propane delivery. With our Keep Full automatic delivery, you’ll be assured that you always have the propane you need!

Contact us to learn more about our propane delivery services to fuel your new home today!