On-Site Forklift Cylinder Exchanges For Your Business

It’s A Perfect Addition For Your Greater Pittsburgh Business!

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In today’s competitive business market, efficiency can play a pivotal role in the difference between successful and unsuccessful day-to-day operations.

ProGas has been helping all kinds of businesses in greater Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Ohio improve their efficiency for many years with our range of propane and other available gas services.

Who uses propane forklifts?

Many industries in our service area specifically look to utilize the increased efficiency of propane-powered forklifts, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Distribution Centers
  • Paving
  • Agriculture

If your business uses forklifts for its routine operations, you can improve on day-to-day efficiency—and save money in the process—by using propane forklifts, too!

Plus, with a ProGas forklift cylinder exchange, you can be assured of always having the propane your forklifts need thanks to our local, reliable service.

ProGas is the region’s leader in propane forklift cylinder exchange services because we offer dependable delivery at a competitive price.

We understand that each business has its own needs when it comes to scheduling cylinder exchanges, so we can customize an exchange schedule tailored to your needs. You can also choose between month-to-month and long-term contracts.

We’re also a full-service forklift cylinder exchange service—so before we begin delivering your cylinders, we set up the cages right on site for you for continued safe storage.

Speaking of safety, that is first and foremost in every facet of our forklift exchange service. We’ll thoroughly train your employees in all matters of propane safety and the safe and proper handling of propane cylinders. And we carefully inspect every cylinder to make sure it is certified, leak-free, and safe to use.

Why are propane forklifts are the best choice for your business?

Propane forklifts provide superior efficiency in every area of their use.

For starters, refueling a propane forklift takes mere minutes. Simply have your employee replace the empty cylinder with a full one and they’re back to work! It takes longer to refuel a gasoline or diesel forklift, and if there’s a spill, time and money are lost to cleaning it up. Electric forklifts need to be recharged, which can take eight hours or longer, meaning it could be out of commission for an entire shift.

Propane forklifts also burn cleaner, so they can be used both indoors and out. They on average require less maintenance than forklifts powered by electricity or gasoline, too.

Propane forklifts are also more durable, providing increased power than electric forklifts on inclines. They can operate outside in rain and snow, which an electric forklift cannot. Propane forklifts continue to run at 100% power if there’s propane in the cylinder whereas their electric counterparts lose power as the battery is drained, making them far less efficient, and even unsafe.

Contact us to get started on adding our forklift cylinder exchange to your Pittsburgh-area business today! We’ll be happy to help your operations—and your bottom line.