Bulk Propane Services For Your Business

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commercial propane pennsylvaniaPropane has become the fuel of choice for a wide range of businesses here in greater Pittsburgh, as well as in West Virginia and southeastern Ohio.

Why? Because propane is an efficient, clean-burning fuel that’s suitable for a wide range of applications. The benefits of propane for businesses include its energy efficiency, low cost, and environmental friendliness.

And with bulk propane delivery and service from ProGas, you’re able to get a dependable gas supply without having to rely on a natural gas utility’s questionable infrastructure, nor the expense that comes with electric alternatives.

What Businesses Utilize Bulk Propane?

Here are just some of the types of businesses that rely on ProGas for their bulk propane services: 

  • Residential and commercial construction projects both use propane daily for construction equipment, temporary heating, and other operations. 
  • Retail and grocery stores, hospitals, assisted living centers, nursing homes, health care facilities, schools, and other businesses and institutions use propane in their backup generators to keep their residents and property safe.
  • Tourism generates more than $6.5 billion in direct spending and supports more than 43,000 jobs in Alleghany County alone. Tourism revenue has been increasing dramatically in West Virginia in recent years as well. Propane plays a large role in the successful operation of many hospitality-related businesses. 
  • Hotels and resorts use a lot of propane. One of the reasons for such high consumption is their laundry services. They can quickly dry bigger quantities of linens with propane commercial clothes dryers with less wear and fewer wrinkles, saving time as well as money on housekeeping expenses.
  • Large commercial kitchens, both for restaurants and catering functions, use propane gas for cooking. Propane is versatile outside, too! Propane fire pits are ideal for outdoor parties where guests may congregate, propane deck and patio heaters allow for outdoor dining, and propane grills expand menu options.
  • Propane is beneficial to restaurants all around the region since it allows them to prepare high-quality meals with precise, immediate temperature control provided by propane ranges and grills.

ProGas: The Local Leader in Bulk Propane Services and Supply

For decades, ProGas has been the region’s most dependable provider of bulk propane. Customers know they can rely on us to get them large supplies of propane when they require it for equipment use or building projects, or any other heating application.

Enjoy customized on-site bulk propane delivery and competitive propane pricing when you partner with us!

Our commercial propane experts are here to help your business flourish. Contact ProGas today to find out what we can do for you.