buying a propane home

Buying A Home Fueled By Propane? What To Know

October 12, 2020

An abundance of energy efficiency and comfort! Have you bought a new home here in greater Pittsburgh? Congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood! And if your new home uses propane, congratulations are in order again! If you have never lived in a home that uses propane before, you may have questions about propane. That’s all […]

refer a friend

Refer A Friend In Time For A Fall Fill-Up

October 5, 2020

Share the love of ProGas, and you’ll both be rewarded! We give our friends heads-up about a lot of things. We let them know if they have spinach in their teeth. We share fantasy football advice (sometimes). We tell them about a great new restaurant or store we found. And you can let them know […]

home energy tips

5 Efficiency Tips For Heating Your Home In The Fall

September 30, 2020

Save on your energy costs this season! It seems like it was only yesterday that we were enjoying a gloriously warm summer here in greater Pittsburgh. But once fall arrived, so did crisp fall weather. That means the time to turn on your furnace or boiler to keep your home warm is getting closer. If […]

space heater construction

Temporary Heat Solutions For Your Local Business

September 21, 2020

Count on ProGas for your needs this upcoming season! Summer comes to an end this week and fall is ushered in. That means colder weather is coming, and that weather can wreak havoc on businesses like yours that work outdoors or in unheated buildings. But there are cost-effective ways you can keep your projects moving […]

Need To Refill Your Propane Tank? Fall Is The Perfect Time!

September 14, 2020

Enjoy peace of mind with propane deliveries from ProGas! Every day, fall is getting closer. So too is the first day we have to turn on our home’s furnace or boiler! However, now is the time to schedule a propane delivery from ProGas. It takes just moments and you can go back to your pumpkin […]

automatic propane delivery

Are You Staying In The Area This Winter? Let Us Know About Household Changes

September 7, 2020

Let’s Keep Your Automatic Propane Delivery Schedule Accurate The COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives and plans for many folks here in greater Pittsburgh. Many of us are at home more, working remotely and even the kids doing distance-learning. Some of us have older parents moved in, or adult children back at home after universities moved […]

grill tanks

Get Your Grill Tanks Ready For Labor Day!

August 24, 2020

ProGas also delivers cylinders right to your home, too! It’s hard to believe that Labor Day is coming up soon. And with Labor Day Weekend comes the annual Labor Day Weekend cookouts. What are you planning on making? The classic burgers and hot dogs? Grilled chicken? Kebabs? Maybe some fish? Whatever you are making, grilling […]

propane school bus fleet

Fuel Your Fleet With Autogas This School Year

August 17, 2020

Save money while reducing emissions, too! Our school districts need to make every penny count, especially these days. And did you know there’s an easy way to help your school district save money, without any loss in performance? That’s right, converting your school bus fleet to run on propane autogas with ProGas is exactly what […]

read a propane tank gauge

How To Read Your Propane Tank Gauge

August 10, 2020

Something Everyone Should Know – and How Keep-Full Automatic Delivery Can Help! Do you use propane in your greater Pittsburgh home? If so, you know how versatile, efficient, clean-burning, and eco-friendly it is. And if your propane delivery company is ProGas, you know how dependable we are for getting your propane to you when you […]

forklift tank exchange

3 Environmental Benefits Of Propane As A Source Of Energy

August 3, 2020

Propane: Far Cleaner, Far Greener! If you use propane for your home or business, you know what a versatile, efficient energy source it is. It can be used for home heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, space heating, grilling, clothes drying, and even more! In business, it is an essential fuel for many industries like manufacturing, […]