How to Use your Propane BBQ Grill during Winter

January 20, 2020

Our PROpane Express Exchange Stations have the propane cylinders you need so you can grill any time! Now that all of the holiday feasting is over, we’re counting the days until it’s spring again and we can use our propane BBQ grill for all kinds of yummy dishes. But who says we really need to […]

Use Propane Heaters Safely so Your Workers Stay Warm all Winter long

January 13, 2020

ProGas has temporary heating options to fit your business’s needs Winter has arrived here in greater Pittsburgh, eastern Ohio & northern West Virginia! And a lot of businesses in our area are working outdoors, or in unheated spaces. Construction and renovation businesses are two that need to do this to keep projects going. That means […]

Propane supply

Keep Your Propane Supply Full, Secure and Accessible this Winter

January 6, 2020

ProGas is the provider to trust with your propane needs Winter has arrived in full measure here in Butler County, and much of the Mid-Atlantic region. It’s understandable in the midst of the brisk temperatures that you want to be sure that your home is kept warm, safe and comfortable even in the coldest of […]

Industrial Gases 1-stop Shop For Your Business

December 23, 2019

Count on us for your business’s needs! You’d be surprised at just how many businesses, and diverse industries in the greater Pittsburgh, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia area rely on industrial gases. ProGas has extensive experience working with thousands of local businesses to help get the industrial gases you need most, and we provide […]

Propane: A Safe, Clean Alternative To Natural Gas

December 16, 2019

Find out how propane works for your home There’s a lot to like about using gas in your greater Pittsburgh area home. It not only can provide heat, but power other appliances that enhance your quality of life. You get great energy efficiency and clean burning for heating your home and for water heating. Gas […]

Tank Monitors: Real-time Protection Against Run-outs

December 9, 2019

Get peace of mind with ProGas, and TankUtility! The Keep-Full automatic propane delivery from ProGas is pretty great, it’s true! It takes the work and worry of making sure you have propane in your Greater Pittsburgh, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia area home off your plate. With Keep-Full automatic delivery, the state-of-the-art computer system […]

Does Propane Freeze In Cold Temperatures?

December 2, 2019

Learn about the science of propane We can get some pretty harsh winters here in greater Pittsburgh. The average low temperature is 21 degrees, but we all know it can get way colder than that. When you look out from your warm home to your outdoor aboveground propane tank, you might wonder if the propane […]

Benefits Of Propane Fuel For Home Appliances

November 25, 2019

Want better performance and efficiency? Propane can do that! When it comes to safe, energy-efficient home energy sources, propane should be at the top of your list. Propane does so much more than run your BBQ grill. It can power appliances both indoors and outside your greater Pittsburgh area home. Here are some appliances that […]

Temporary Heating: The Perfect Choice For Moving Jobsites

November 18, 2019

Keep your job site safe and warm with help from ProGas Working outdoors or in unheated spaces during winter when you’re in greater Pittsburgh is not for the faint of heart. It also presents challenges when it comes to getting jobs done efficiently and safely, especially when your business has projects in different locations that […]

Clearing Up Common Myths About Propane Energy

November 4, 2019

Don’t fall for these lines! In an age where conspiracy theories and fake news can spread like wildfire, it’s easy for falsehoods to take hold. For example, these four myths people believe about propane. We’re here to debunk them all so you can comfortably enjoy all the benefits of propane with propane delivery from ProGas! […]