What Should I Know About Buying a Home With Propane Heat?

September 19, 2022

Get Outstanding Efficiency and Comfort with Propane Are you planning to build a new home this year—or in the not-too-distant future? If so, you have a lot of decisions to make: Farmhouse style or modern? Shaker or flat-front cabinets in the kitchen? Carpeting or hardwood in the bedrooms? However, there’s something else you need to […]

Who Do I Call for Temporary Heating Services?

September 12, 2022

ProGas Helps Keep Operations Moving All Year Long! When the fall season approaches, construction and renovation companies across Western Pennsylvania begin planning how to continue their on-site work through the coming winter. That is especially important this year as the winter is forecast to be colder and snowier than normal. Those conditions can wreak havoc […]

Pennsylvania Energy Assistance Resources

September 5, 2022

Help is Available to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter It has been a challenging year for many of us here in Greater Pittsburgh and across Western Pennsylvania. Inflation has hit us hard with soaring costs for groceries, gas, clothing, and other daily necessities. Rising rents and interest rates have also hurt. Some of you […]

What’s Inside Your Propane Tank?

August 15, 2022

Get Familiar with your Tank and its Applications Have you recently moved into home that uses propane? If so, you’re about to enjoy an upgrade from an all-electric home or one that is heated with oil. That’s because propane can provide comfort and amenities such as: High-efficiency home heating and water heating. Elevated cooking on […]

What Kinds of Vehicles Run on Propane Gas?

August 8, 2022

Learn All About the Versatility of Propane Autogas! Did you know that transportation is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States? In fact, that is largely why there is such a big push nowadays for alternative fuels to gasoline and diesel. While electric vehicles are getting most of the attention right […]

Industrial Gas Solutions for Your Business

August 1, 2022

ProGas Can Help Your Business Prosper! ProGas has become the local, dependable industrial gas supply and service company that a wide range of Pennsylvania businesses count on. These include HVAC businesses, plumbers, automotive body shops, party stores, restaurants and other hospitality businesses, foodservice businesses, breweries, manufacturers, welders, and more! We have extensive experience providing industrial […]

Is Propane or Natural Gas Better for Your Home?

July 18, 2022

Converting to Natural Gas from Propane More and more people are discovering the benefits of gas appliances in their homes. It’s not too surprising, as the benefits can be found in numerous places such as cooking on a gas range, energy-efficient home heating and water heating, and the ease, comfort, and convenience of gas fireplaces. […]

Propane Tank Monitors Increase Your Fuel Efficiency & Safety

July 11, 2022

Discover the Benefits! Nowadays, we’re all looking for ways to make life easier and make regular tasks more efficient. One great way to do both is to sign up for ProGas’s wireless propane tank monitoring service from Tank Utility! It takes both the work and worry of managing your propane supply off your plate. How […]

Propane Grill Tank Buying or Refilling

July 4, 2022

ProGas Makes Getting a Full Tank Easy with Propane Express! If you have recently purchased a new propane grill, you’re in for a lot of fun grilling. It’s well-known that propane is faster, easier, and more convenient than traditional charcoal, and you can do so much more with it. You may also be wondering about […]

Boost Your Business Profits With PROpane Express

June 20, 2022

Adding Our Propane Cylinder Exchange Can Add to Your Bottom Line The way people shop has evolved greatly in the past two decades, largely due to the accessibility of online shopping followed more recently by the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers are also inherently busy—their shopping focus is to get as much done in as few stops […]