Benefits Of Propane Fuel For Home Appliances

Want better performance and efficiency? Propane can do that!

propane appliances pennsylvaniaWhen it comes to safe, energy-efficient home energy sources, propane should be at the top of your list.

Propane does so much more than run your BBQ grill. It can power appliances both indoors and outside your greater Pittsburgh area home. Here are some appliances that are made better with propane:

Home heating: Using a propane home heating system is more energy efficient and more affordable than electric heating systems. Because propane is a clean-burning fuel, your heating system will last longer, cost less to maintain and require fewer repairs. Also, you aren’t dependent on the power grid.

Water heaters: Compared with electric water heaters, you get twice as much hot water in the same amount of time. That means less time waiting to take a shower in the morning. And a propane tankless water heater gives you endless hot water on-demand.

Space heaters: Want to use your sunporch, garage or finished attic year-round? Today’s propane space heaters are safe, energy-efficient, portable and get your rooms warm, fast.

Fireplaces: Have all the warmth and coziness you want from a fire in the fireplace, with more realistic flames and better, faster heating than electric fireplaces, and without the labor of a wood-burning fireplace.

Ranges and cooktops: Propane gives you precise, instant temperature control that electricity will never offer.

ProGas: your propane source

With propane appliances, you need propane to fuel them. And ProGas is the propane delivery service you can count on.
With our Keep Full automatic propane delivery, we use a sophisticated computer system to estimate your propane usage based on the size your home and the weather at-hand. That way, we can schedule a propane delivery to your home when your tank gets around 30 percent full.

We also offer Tank Utility wireless propane monitor for real-time readings of your propane tank level that we can access for even more accuracy when it comes to your propane delivery, and you can check your tank levels anytime, anywhere on your smartphone with the Tank Utility app!

And if you do need propane for your BBQ grill, we’ve got you covered with our PROpane Express exchange stations and refill locations.

Get in touch with the professionals at ProGas and we’ll tell you all about what propane can do for your home, and how we can be there to help.