Pennsylvania Business Benefit with Our Propane Express Cylinder Exchange Program

Generate revenue

Do you own a retail business? Are you looking for a new revenue source that will also aid in bringing new customers to your doorstep? If so, ProGas has the opportunity for you!

Our Propane Express cylinder exchange program offers great products and stellar service to assist business owners, like you!

Why ProGas?

ProGas has worked with dozens of convenience stores, home and garden stores, gas stations, hardware stores and other retail businesses. We have the knowledge, experience and products to make your business a successful go-to for propane cylinder exchanges.

We offer:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Cylinders that are inspected, and cleaned or painted so they are not only safe, but attractive
  • Trained representatives who make sure your exchange cabinet is located to meet all local and national codes
  • Service that includes delivery, stocking, signage, cabinets, inventory, and safety inspections
  • Local representatives who can handle any needs you have, from getting started to arranging deliveries to billing

Make Easy Money

Your employees will have a few simple tasks at-hand: When a customer asks for a propane cylinder exchange, your employee will walk over to the exchange cabinet to verify the valve type, exchanges the cylinder, and accepts the customer’s payment.

Grow Your Customer Base

Offering a propane cylinder exchange adds an extra service to your business that customers will look for. Additionally, you will be listed as a propane cylinder exchange location on our ProGas website! This means your business will appear when customers do an online search for propane cylinder exchanges in their area.

And if your customers come for a propane cylinder exchange, they may also buy other things from you. If you’re a convenience store, you may get some extra food and drink sales. If you’re a home and garden store, propane cylinder exchange customers may end up buying charcoal and other grilling equipment while they’re there… the possibilities are aplenty!

Get in touch with ProGas today and start reaping the rewards a propane cylinder exchange will bring to our business!

ProGas – proudly serving Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia.