Are You Staying In The Area This Winter? Let Us Know About Household Changes

Let’s Keep Your Automatic Propane Delivery Schedule Accurate

automatic propane delivery pennsylvaniaThe COVID-19 pandemic has upended lives and plans for many folks here in greater Pittsburgh. Many of us are at home more, working remotely and even the kids doing distance-learning.

Some of us have older parents moved in, or adult children back at home after universities moved to online semesters as well.

It’s possible that you even undertook renovations in some way, shape or form to accommodate more people, or changes in lifestyle. Neighbors who traditionally went south for the winter, aka Snowbirds, are choosing not to go this year because their winter homes are in coronavirus hotspots.

Whatever changes have come to your life lately, whether caused by the pandemic or not, they likely have an impact on your home’s propane usage. And it’s essential that ProGas knows about these changes so we can more effectively and efficiently serve you.

Automatic Delivery customers need to update information

Our FREE Automatic Delivery service is our most popular propane delivery option. You can’t beat it for ease and convenience!

We calculate when you need your next delivery based your prior propane usage, monitored alongside real-time weather conditions. That information helps us accurately predict when you will need your propane tank filled so we can schedule a delivery before you ever run low.

But, if some of the aforementioned changes have occurred in your home, especially if you’re not going away for the winter, you’ll be using more propane. We need to know so we can adjust your delivery schedule accordingly!

If you want absolute precision when it comes to tracking your home’s propane usage, we offer wireless propane tank monitoring with TankUtility! We’ll always know precisely, in real time, how much propane is in your propane tank. And so will you, with the TankUtility app you can have on your smartphone or tablet! You can use wireless tank monitoring with both Automatic Delivery and Will-Call.

Contact us with any changes in your home that affect your propane usage and ensure your home comfort this coming winter. You can trust the pros at ProGas!