The Benefits of Autogas in Today’s Energy Marketplace

Enjoy Savings—and Stability—with the Help of ProGas!

business fuel pennsylvaniaBetween inflation and the recent instability of fuel markets and supply, your bottom line could be taking a beating.

However, we have a solution that can aid you both now, and for years to come. Convert your fleet to clean-burning propane autogas. ProGas makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of autogas with our complete autogas services.

Our autogas experts will work with you to thoroughly evaluate your fleet fueling needs. With that information, we’ll connect you with a local company that will manage the conversion your fleet of vehicles to run on autogas. We can even install easy-to-use autogas filling stations right at your place of business and provide dependable autogas delivery customized to your specific needs.

Who uses autogas? Businesses, municipalities, and school districts, mostly. Autogas provides them with reliable fueling even in the coldest weather—when diesel engines such as those on snowplows and school buses can experience gelling. Here are some other reasons that autogas is a win for your business moving forward:

Autogas for Financial Security

On average, autogas is 30% less expensive than gasoline. Even during periods of high crude oil prices, the price difference between gasoline and autogas has remained consistent.

Diesel vehicles themselves cost four times more to run than autogas vehicles. Then, once you include tax credits, incentives, loans, and other perks accessible for switching your vehicles to autogas, the savings increase even more.

There are also long-term savings that autogas provides. Autogas lowers engine wear, resulting in bigger savings over the life of your vehicles. Maintenance costs are also lowered—on average—as a reult. You’ll get a greater return on your investment and spend less money by not having to repair or replace or repair your vehicles as frequently.

With an autogas filling station, tracking your fleet’s fueling and fuel usage becomes much easier and more efficient as well.

You’ll see exactly how much fuel is being used at any given time because the fueling is being done on-site—not at outside, remote filling stations. Your staff won’t have to deal with receipts and reimbursements. Also, fuel theft is practically eliminated.

Autogas for Energy Security

Crude oil is produced around the world, and thus the global markets and the things that influence them like geopolitical conflicts and natural disasters can have a big impact on gasoline pricing.

Autogas is produced right here in the United States. You don’t have to worry about wars, sanctions, or disasters overseas interfering with your autogas supply.

Get control of your fleet fueling costs with propane autogas services from ProGas. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business, school district, or municipality in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio or Northern West Virginia region.