Equipment Rentals Help You Beat the Heat On-site

July 27, 2020

Keep your work site safe and comfortable with ProGas! If you own a construction company here Butler County, Beaver County, Allegheny County or anywhere around greater Pittsburgh, you know that ProGas is the region’s leader when it comes to providing temporary construction heat services for companies like yours! But did you know that our construction […]

ProCard Autopay: What Is It And How Do I Enroll?

July 20, 2020

Make paying your propane bills as simple as can be Think about all you have to do in a day: From work to cooking to cleaning, you’re pretty busy sunrise to sundown. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut down your to-do list a little? ProGas can help with that! Our ProCard Autopay plan makes managing […]

Welding Supplies And Services For Getting Back On The Job

July 13, 2020

ProGas is Greater Pittsburgh’s leader in welding supplies and services As greater Pittsburgh begins to reopen after the shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, more businesses are getting back to [almost] normal work. That creates more opportunities for welding projects to get back on track. If you’re a welder, or a business that uses welding, […]

landscaping business

Propane Gives Your Landscaping Business A Competitive Edge

June 22, 2020

ProGas can help you improve your bottom line this season If you have a landscaping business here in greater Pittsburgh, you know it can be a competitive market. Everyone is looking for ways to operate leaner, cleaner, and greener. There’s actually one sure-fire way you can gain an advantage over your competitors: Invest in converting […]

summer safety tips

Propane Safety: Hot Tips For This Season

June 15, 2020

Remember to play it safe when utilizing propane appliances this summer! The weather is getting warmer here in greater Pittsburgh and the Mid-Atlantic region. That means, as COVID restrictions ease, and the sun is more plentiful, we’ll be spending a lot of time outside than in. Propane can make your backyard an ideal place to […]

industrial gas

Year-round Industrial Gas Supply And Service

June 8, 2020

If your business relies on industrial gases, ProGas is the supplier you can count on for dependable deliveries and top quality products. Diverse businesses throughout Greater Pittsburgh, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia area rely on us every day to come through for them. They feel fully confident that our years of experience and professionalism will […]

propane price graph

Time’s Running Out To Enroll in ProPay!

June 1, 2020

Enroll by 6/15 to make managing your propane costs… easy! As we move closer to summer, there are a lot of things we want to do, like go for a ride, or cook out on the grill (don’t forget to call for a full, fresh PROpane Express grill cylinder!), or relax on the hammock with […]

bbq cylinder

Take Advantage of our All-new BBQ Cylinder Home Delivery!

May 29, 2020

Keep safe and home, and keep on grilling without interruption There are many great things about grilling with propane. A few of those things include: Easy, seamless starting and stopping Shorter waiting times Precision temperature control Great-tasting food Simple, no-mess clean up afterward ProGas has long made it easy for you to enjoy all of […]

propane tank for grills

Use Our PROpane Express Cylinder Exchange for Your Propane Grill

May 18, 2020

Keep Your Cookout Going Strong with a Fresh Cylinder from ProGas Can you believe we’re just days from Memorial Day weekend? That means it’s time to start thinking about grilling, as the holiday weekend is the unofficial start of grilling season. Even if you can’t host a big cookout this year thanks to the COVID-19 […]

propane tank

Do I Own The Propane Tank At My New Home?

May 11, 2020

Helpful Tips for New Homeowners Have you bought a new home recently? Congratulations! If that same new home is powered with propane, congratulations again! Propane is a wonderfully efficient, versatile fuel source that can not only heat your home and your water, it can also power your range, clothes dryer, space heater, BBQ grill and […]