Safety Tips For Using Propane Cylinders

May 10, 2021

Know How To Use And Transport Cylinders Properly As the weather continues to get warmer here in Greater Pittsburgh, we’re spending more and more time outside. And even if the temperatures remain chilly, there’s one item that can lend some immediate assistance. Propane cylinders can be used in a lot of ways to make your […]

Buying Vs. Leasing A Propane Tank For Your Home

May 3, 2021

ProGas Propane Tank Leasing Makes It An Easy Choice! If you are moving to a new home that uses propane, you have some decisions to make. One of those decisions to be made includes a propane tank. If a propane tank is already at the property, the propane tank may be one the sellers leased […]

Look No Further For Fresh, Full Propane Cylinders!

April 19, 2021

ProGas Is Ready With The Filled Cylinders You Need The arrival of spring means grilling season is right around the corner—and if you can believe it, you may even need to start making a list of what you need for your Memorial Day cookout! One piece of advice on that—don’t forget the propane! ProGas makes […]

Residential And Light Commercial Propane Applications

April 12, 2021

ProGas—The #1 Choice For Both Homes And Businesses! If all you know about propane is what it does for your BBQ grill… you’re missing out! Propane is an amazingly versatile fuel source that provides effective, efficient energy to homes and businesses all around greater Pittsburgh. ProGas is the region’s leader in reliable, safe, responsive propane […]

5 Home Energy Saving Tips For Spring

April 5, 2021

Save Money—All While Staying Comfortable! As we put away the winter clothes and get to the annual spring-cleaning chores, there are multiple ways you can use this time to cut your energy costs so you have more money for other things, whether it’s that deferred vacation or a family reunion after a long, long last […]

Fuel Your Landscaping Fleet With Propane

March 22, 2021

Save Money And Increase Productivity! Spring has arrived and here in greater Pittsburgh, and landscaping businesses like yours are already fielding calls to begin work at local homes, businesses, golf courses, and more. If you are looking to improve your bottom line, ProGas has an idea for you. Convert your landscaping equipment and fleet vehicles […]

We Are Your Local Team of Welding Safety Professionals!

March 16, 2021

Helping Welders Like You Stay Safe On The Job! ProGas has been greater Pittsburgh’s leader for welding supplies, services, and safety gear for decades. We are a welder’s one-stop-shop, providing welding equipment, industrial gases, and a wide range of safety equipment. Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with welders in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West […]

How Long Does A 500-Gallon Propane Tank Last?

March 9, 2021

Learn More About Propane Usage And How Long A Fill-up Might Last Let’s jump right into it! Say you have a 500-gallon propane tank at your house. So does your neighbor. Your homes are of similar size. However, you notice she’s not getting propane delivered as frequently as you do. What gives? It’s far from […]

We Are Your Local Propane Supplier!

February 16, 2021

If You Live Nearby—We’re Here For You! ProGas provides residential propane delivery and service, and commercial propane services, to homes and businesses in greater Pittsburgh. Our service area includes some of the following locations: Latrobe, PA Steubenville, OH Sharon, PA Newell, WV Beaver Falls, PA Pleasant Valley, WV Bellaire, OH New Castle, PA Morgantown, WV […]

What Burns Hotter: Propane Or Natural Gas?

February 8, 2021

Feel The Heat—With Propane! Some people may think natural gas and propane are exactly alike since they are both gases—both with their fair share of similar uses and applications. Well, not quite. In fact, there are some major differences between propane and natural gas. One big difference is that you can enjoy the benefits of […]