Propane: Your All-American Fuel Choice

June 24, 2019

Count on ProGas for Propane Delivery and Propane Service With summer starting, you’ve likely been firing up your propane BBQ grill. When you do, you’re using a fuel source that is mostly produced right here in the USA. And you’re not alone! We’ve got some facts about propane in the greater Pittsburgh area and around […]

Keep the Grilling Going with PROpane Express Exchanges and Refills

June 17, 2019

Easy Exchanges and Refills Near You Your propane grill gets a lot of use in the summer, from big cookouts with all the relatives, to a fast weeknight dinner of grilled chicken breasts. Don’t let an empty propane tank put a damper on your summer grilling! ProGas offers PROpane Express, our propane cylinder exchange stations […]

The Advantages of Putting in a Propane System for your next Building Project

June 13, 2019

5 Advantages Propane Brings to Your Building Projects There’s a lot that goes into a new building, no matter whether it’s commercial or residential. Design. Materials. Electrical. Plumbing. HVAC. Finishes. Roofing. Windows. And on and on. Something you can add to your next building project that will enhance it is propane. It makes the function […]

Generate revenue

Generate Revenue for Pennsylvania Business with Our Propane Express Cylinder Exchange Program

June 3, 2019

Do you own a retail business? Are you looking for a new revenue source that will also aid in bringing new customers to your doorstep? If so, ProGas has the opportunity for you! Our Propane Express cylinder exchange program offers great products and stellar service to assist business owners, like you! Why ProGas? ProGas has […]

Grilling with Propane Adds to Summertime Cookout Fun!

May 27, 2019

We’re getting into peak grilling season here in the Tri-State region. Whatever you like to grill — from burgers to brats, prime steaks to pizza — propane can make your big family cookouts and your weeknight dinners al fresco easier and more enjoyable. ProGas can provide the propane you need to make grilling easier and […]

welding service PA

Expert Welding Services in Western Pennsylvania (PA)

May 20, 2019

Welders around the Tri-State region know that ProGas is the place for welding supplies, welding services, welding safety equipment and industrial gases – Just take a closer look at all that we have to offer! Welding Services in PA: Industrial Gas ProGas is one of the area’s top suppliers of gas suppliers, and we’ve got […]

Lawn landscaping

Propane and Your Landscaping Business in the Tri-State Area

May 13, 2019

While there are many different ways propane can be used in your business, one of the biggest trends we’re seeing is within the landscaping industry – where more people are finding that propane can do that too! ProGas can supply propane for all sorts of uses in professional landscaping, whether it’s for homes, golf courses, […]

The Time is Now to Enroll in ProGas Advantage Plan!

May 6, 2019

Brace yourselves, winter is coming. That’s not just a popular catchphrase from a hit TV show, it’s what many of us think as we worry about the upcoming increase in propane use for home heating, and the increase in propane costs that goes with it. The ProGas Advantage Plan helps takes away these winter worries—but […]

How safe is propane? Know the facts!

April 22, 2019

One question we hear a lot from people who are considering adding propane appliances to their home is “How safe is it really?” As a company that has done thousands of propane tank installations and propane deliveries since we started providing the gas to our Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia neighbors, we can assure you […]

Benefits of Using Propane-Powered Forklifts

April 15, 2019

If your business involves moving materials around a construction site, factory or warehouse, propane-powered forklifts can help you save time and money while being more environmentally friendly. The pros of propane Propane forklifts are the Energizer bunny in materials management: They keep going, and going… and going! One of the biggest benefits of propane-powered forklifts […]