5 Home Energy Saving Tips For Spring

Save Money—All While Staying Comfortable!

home energy tips ohioAs we put away the winter clothes and get to the annual spring-cleaning chores, there are multiple ways you can use this time to cut your energy costs so you have more money for other things, whether it’s that deferred vacation or a family reunion after a long, long last twelve months.

We’ve put together five ways to stop energy costs from taking such a big bite out of your wallet:

Get Your Air Conditioning System Serviced

Did you know that cooling makes up close to half of your home’s energy costs in warmer weather?

Regular, professional maintenance keeps your home’s central air conditioning running at its best possible efficiency and can lower its energy consumption by as much as 15%.

Upgrade Your Propane Appliances

Propane appliances are dramatically more energy-efficient than their comparable electric counterparts.

For example, a propane clothes dryer gets your laundry dry 25% faster than an electric dryer would. By adding new, more efficient propane appliances to your home, you’ll save money on energy costs not just in the spring, but in the summer, fall, and winter seasons as well!

Turn Down the Water Heater Temperature

If your water heater is still at the factory preset of 140˚ Fahrenheit, you are inherently spending too much on water heating.

Turn your water heater’s thermostat down to 120˚ and cut your water heating energy costs by up to 10% without losing a smidgen of comfort. This is also a safety move, as 140˚ water presents a scalding risk, especially for infants, children, and the elderly.

Get To Grilling!

As the weather gets warmer, cooking in your kitchen makes your home warmer as well, which can make your home’s A/C cycle on a higher frequency. That increases your energy costs.

You can keep your kitchen and home cooler by taking your cooking outside to your propane grill! With our home cylinder delivery and exchange as well as our PROpane Express cylinder exchange located at gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, and other retail locations around our service area, you’ll always have the propane you need to grill up an easy weeknight dinner or a big cookout.

Keep Cooled Air Indoors

Ever hear parents yell, “Close the door! I’m not air-conditioning the whole neighborhood!”? Drafts in your home are the equivalent of leaving a window open 24/7 when it comes to warm air getting into your home and forcing your home’s A/C to work harder and more frequently.

Use caulk, weatherstripping, and expanding foam to seal up those drafts. Now is also a good time to add insulation to your home for year-round energy savings.

Using propane gas in and around your home makes it more energy efficient. It’s true! Contact us for reliable propane delivery service and solutions here in the Greater Pittsburgh-area today!