Clearing Up Common Myths About Propane Energy

Don’t fall for these lines!

propane myths pennsylvaniaIn an age where conspiracy theories and fake news can spread like wildfire, it’s easy for falsehoods to take hold.

For example, these four myths people believe about propane. We’re here to debunk them all so you can comfortably enjoy all the benefits of propane with propane delivery from ProGas!

Propane is expensive

Wrong! With propane, you get 2,490 BTU (British Thermal Units, a measurement for heat) per cubic foot. Natural gas only offers 1,030 BTU. So you get more heating, for the same amount of gas. Then factor in the total cost of ownership when it comes to propane. That includes not only the cost of the propane, the energy efficiency of the appliances run on propane, how long the propane appliances last and how many repairs are needed. Propane appliances can reach efficiencies of 98 percent, and, since it burns cleaner and easier on your propane appliances, they last longer and need fewer repairs over their lifespan.

Propane is only for BBQ grills

If you think this: prepare to have your mind blown. Propane has so many uses around your home. It can run your home’s heating system, heat your water, dry your clothes, power your fireplace and run stoves and cooktops that elevate your cooking game. And then look beyond the BBQ grill when it comes to your back yard. Propane can power deck and patio heaters, fire pits, pool and spa heaters, outdoor fireplaces and more!

Propane is bad for the environment

Incorrect! Propane has much lower greenhouse gas emissions than heating oil, gasoline or electricity that is produced by coal-fired generation plants. In fact, it has such a low carbon content and almost zero greenhouse gas emissions. Propane is so clean-burning that it’s listed as an alternative fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy Act. Propane also will not damage the water, soil or air if there is a leak.

Propane is unsafe

Propane is perfectly safe when it is used with proper care, just like any other energy source! Federal, state and local codes as well as stringent industry standards may make propane even safer than other forms of energy. Some key safety notes:

  • Propane has a rotten-egg smell added to it so propane leaks are easy to detect. Also, propane gas dissipates in a leak so there’s no toxic mess or cleanup
  • Most propane appliances have features that shut the appliance off automatically if a problem occurs
  • Propane tanks made of carbon steel are 20 times more puncture resistant than tanks used for gasoline, ethanol or methanol
  • Propane cylinders have a device which cuts off filling once the tank is 80 percent full to allow for safe expansion of the propane gas when it’s in a hot environment, like outdoors on a summer day.

ProGas provides safe and reliable propane delivery to homes and businesses around greater Pittsburgh, as well as northern West Virginia and Eastern Ohio! Get in touch with us today and learn how you can become a customer!